The Last Age of Heroes

Judge, Jury, and Executioner

Hearing the salamander so closer, the group was about to head out when they were stopped by a guard captain who had previously had a discussion with Drogan. The man wanted to know more about the group, but someone higher up in the military called down to the captain and began chewing him out. Seizing this opportunity, the group headed to Ash Hill, to a well where Mytharis had found an ash trail belonging to the beast.

With barely any notice, Mytharis jumped straight into the well, and began tracking, the rest of the group given little choice but to follow. Luckily, Murdoc Sticknee and Broken Tooth were around to create magical sources of light for the rest of the party to see.

Long minutes passed in the foul waters, bits a refuse pilled up slowly moving across the surface of the water… or was it refuse? The party reached the end of the trail when Drogan noticed one of these “piles” seemed to have an impetus of its own. Mytharis charged in, slashing the ooze into pieces, but the pieces each seemed to have their own will. Murdoc began to set the area ablaze, making short work of the smaller pieces, whilst Mytharis cut the larger pieces apart with Drogan and Broken Tooth stuck watching. As the flames slowly died down, the group found no trace of the sludge, it was vanquished.

With the momentary distraction defeated, Mytharis searched for a passage foward, and found one in the form of an odd crack in the wall. He climbed up and headed forward, forcing the group once again to follow his lead. A mix between shuffling and crawling was required to move through the tight space, there was a moment of certainty at the beast being just ahead, but the moment passed and the certainty failed.

The group found themselves surrounded by armed guards, in some kind of underground room. The captain they had previously met was there, and was still fuming at the group’s “escape.” However, the guards were stumped on how to find and deal with the beast, and Murdoc managed to convince them of their need for the heroes.

After some investigation, and some help from the guards, the group learned they were in the catacombs of a temple dedicated to Pelor, a fact which caused Mytharis to spit on the floor and almost ensued a fight. The party looked over an eviscerated monk, and followed an ash and blood trail to the higher levels, where the creature burst out of a stained glass window and seemed to have disappeared.

Without a clear trail, and with the sudden appearance of rain, Murdoc suggested that the creature jumped to the roof of a nearby house. This was enough to get Mytharis going and he began jumping from house to house, following what he believed was the beast’s trail. Only Murdoc’s queer magic could keep up with Mytharis, and Drogan and Broken Tooth were forced to give chase on the ground.

The trail ended deep in Oakmount at a rather large estate. The lights on the ground floor cued the group into the fact that a noble party was occurring, the the large presence of guardsmen indicated the importance. The group was given two choices, either sneak in or talk their way in.

Mytharis, through years of experience, was certain that there was no chance of him getting in even with the help of the most silver tongued of companions, and so he opted to sneak in.

The rest of the group, knowing that they lacked the abilities necessary to stay as quiet as Mytharis, decided to talk their way in.

Mytharis, like shadow itself, charged over the walls, flew up a trellis, and slid into the house slowly skirt around and finding himself, for a moment, stuck as he discovered the staircase to the top level was bathed in light and impossible to move across without being seen.

The party began to deal with guardsmen and servants, pressing their need to get into the house. The seneschal told them that this was the residence of the consul marshal but refused to let them in, even when told of the monster inside and danger the household was in. Refusing to be budged, the seneschal returned inside, leaving the group outside.

It had been but a few moments for the outside party when Mytharis, focusing on his innate demonic abilities, bathed the room in shadow, scampering up the stairs in the following darkness and panic. The guards outside, hearing the group’s warnings, let the rest of the party in, and they too chased up the stairs as best as they could.

In the only room at the top of the house, Mytharis kicked the door in and found himself staring at the creature, bowed in service to an old man. The creature howled as Mytharis charged, skewering the creature on his sword as if with a lance. The rest of the party joined in and this second beast was quickly put to rest.

The party then all turned and faced this old man, sitting in terror. They learned he was a nobleman, Cantus von Evreich. That the beast pledge itself to him and he knew not why. This was not in the least bit acceptable to Mytharis, however.

Putting his sword to the old man’s neck, MYtharis demanded that the man admit his crime, consorting with a demon. Cantus denied it, cried and begged for mercy, begged for Mytharis to believe his innocence. As Mytharis drew up his sword and slashed the man in two, Mytharis decreed, “Innocence proves nothing.”

The party was in shock, if they had not yet questioned their trust of Mytharis, they certainly were now. And as the sounds of dozens of guard’s boots marching up the stairs found purchase in the parties ears, they perhaps wished they had never walked a step with this half-demon.



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