The Last Age of Heroes

A Statue of Light, A Cavern of Dark

With the salamander slain and a night of rest, Mytharis awoke early, eager to be off. However, Broken Tooth had awoken already, and was waiting just outside Mytharis’ tent. They discussed a potential alliance, hunting down the creature that had made such a terrifying sound late in the previous night. Mytharis agreed hesitantly, and Broken Tooth headed to the hamlet to grab the other two adventures.

Murdoc Sticknee had been awake for hours by the time Broken Tooth found him, studying his new found treasures from the salamander’s prison. As for Drogan, he was asleep. Very much asleep. It took quite a while and several spear pokes to wake him up. Broken Tooth gathered this new band and finally met up with a very impatient Mytharis, who set off on a path to the West almost instantly.

It only took an hour to find a well traveled road that would increase the parties speed to the town of Carpenden, roughly two days away. This was seen as the most likely place for the salamander to have headed, and upon finding the road, Mytharis redoubled the groups speed at a pace uncomfortable to most.

Before long, the party ran into an old man sitting by the road. Not only did he look like the kind of bandit Mytharis was expecting previously, his three companions (another man, an elf, and a dwarf) looked just as suspicious. They introduced themselves as “High Way Men,” and were loathed to be compared to highway men. These were supposedly watchers and protectors of the road, not villains and thieves. It seemed easier to throw a gold coin their way than to figure out the truth of the matter, so that is what Mytharis did. Drogan passed by giving some gold and Broken Tooth passed by looking far poorer than the High Way Men. Murdoc, however, decided to have a long debate with the leader of this new band, and was not interested at parting with any coin.

Mytharis and Drogan, at their quickened pace soon left Murdoc far behind. But, the second man of the High Way Men managed to catch up with them, and convinced them to have a short talk with the old man about a pressing issue on the road.

The old man told them of a nearby set of caves where goblins had been living and pestering travelers for sometime. The High Way Men asked for assistance in clearing the caves, offering everything inside the caverns as reward. Whether convinced by the plight of the High Way Men, interested in treasure, or simply wanting to stick together, the entire party joined this new band, and went goblin hunting.

The High Way Men took position at one of the larger cave entrances, and the band of adventures went in through the other. Much to their displeasure, a “large cave entrance” for a goblin, is not a large cave entrance for non -goblins. Murdoc and Broken Tooth were forced to hunch down through most of the caves, while Drogan and Mytharis were all but crawling.

The party traveled down and down, deeper and deeper, the cavern walls wet and muddy. Muck holes and stale water. And dark, very dark. Mytharis led the way, without need for light he was the perfect guide for this task. Eventually the caves grew in height and Drogan and Mytharis could stand tall. They found a large natural room and were beginning to search in went from a side and above four perched goblins unleashed a volley of arrows.

Mytharis climbed the wall at a speed unexpected, reaching the top and instantly cleaving a goblin in twain. Murdoc reacted quickly as well, forcing a goblin down with a wand that caused terrible laughter upon its victims. Broken tooth began firing from the ground with a sling. And Drogan tried to match Mytharis, making it to the top of the wall but without the speed necessary to also attack.

The battle was over before it began, the two standing goblins finished by Broken Tooth and Murdoc from below, and the final goblin executed by Mytharis’ merciless blade.

But, there were still sounds, and the group charged forward to meet them.

Chasing sounds, horrible smells, and flickering fire light, the group eventually found themselves in the largest room so far. Bathed in light by a large fire, it might have been a comfort, if not for the smell or burning leather, wood, and flesh.

The group head the next group of “ambushers” before they saw them, but battle was once again forced upon them. Four more goblins, this time led by a full blood orc. Mytharis picked the orc out as his target, to the exclusion of all others, leaving the 3 remaining adventures to deal with just four goblins.

Drogan had already begun dealing with the goblins when there was yet more noise. But this time, from behind. A ravenous pack of 12 goblin dogs beset themselves upon the adventures, with claw and tooth. Broken Tooth used his nature magic to pull roots from the ground, ensnaring the beasts. Murdoc unleashed a ball of pure flame, rolling through the creatures, setting them alight. And Drogan charged with mad fury, slicing large swaths of ground and everything else in his way.

Meanwhile, Mytharis fought his own battle. The orc was as strong and vicious as Mytharis, and by the distraction of a goblin sneak attack, Mytharis’ flank was left open to a critical strike from the orc. Reeling from the blow. Mytharis took a second wind, and returned the orcs critical with one of his own. The last goblin barely catching the orc’s severed head before Mytharis ended his life as well.

Refusing to quit, regardless of the severity of his injuries, Mytharis pushed the group forward to a “Y” intersection. One path was left untrodden, which peak the interest of everyone. Mytharis took a look first, and it was good that he did, for there was a pit trap almost immediately on this new path!

The group cleared the trap and headed forward for but a few minutes when Mytharis found a treasure he could not put a value on. A stature of Heironeous. Slightly damaged, but still together, the mere presence of the statue had kept the goblins away, and warmed Mytharis’ heart. He bowed down in prayer immediately. The rest of the group looked around. finding nothing and in a short time they found themselves waiting for Mytharis. He finished his prayers and rose, ready to clear the caves with a renewed sense of his deities protection.



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