Tiefling Slayer


Like all Tieflings, Mytharis was born with a union between demon and mortal.

Like most Tieflings, Mytharis was treated his entire life with distrust, fear, and anger.

Unlike most Tieflings, Mytharis was born with mostly demon characteristic.

Unlike all Tieflings, Mytharis has spend his entire life training to fight and kill demons.

At 8 feet tall from foot to horn, Mytharis is a towering and terrifying figure. Trained in the greatsword and armed with demonic strength Mytharis can separate two halves of a body as easily as most men cut firewood in two. While a hundred years of age makes him barely an adult for a demon, it has given him intellect far beyond most of his peers.

A “holy man” Mytharis was raised in a chapel devoted to Heironeous. This particular sect known as the “Army of Heironeous,” is militant and often fanatical, leading some other to think of it as more of a cult than a true sect of the lawful good deity. They focus on a rather extreme sense of justice, punishing not only the wicked, but those who would help the wicked, and sometimes even those who get in the way or don’ assist with the punishing. Mytharis does not see these views as extreme, which can make him an unreliable and dangerous ally to those who do not share his views.

As for the “man” himself. It is impossible to give a description. His demonic heritage causes him to change constantly but slowly. Currently his skin is a deep brown, his eyes bright yellow, with feline pupils, and his horns black as pitch.

What does remain constant for over 80 years now, is that Mytharis always carries two greatswords on his back. The swords may have changed, but always two, and always for a reason. The first is a long serrated blade which never needs sharpening for the trace of magic lies upon it. The second looks like an antique. A darker colder iron that is cold to the touch.

Many people feel the need to name their blades to empower themselves with a virtue, “Honor,” or “Courage.” Or they name their blades to strike fear in their enemies, “Foe-Hammer,” or “The Executioner’s Blade.” Mytharis names his for their function, “Human” and “Demon.” But the cold true is that he thinks of all blades he has ever used as “Monster,” for who knows better than him that the Devil and his servants hide beneath the skin?


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