Jolly Human Barbarian




*Note: Read in a jolly comedy storyteller style

This is the tale of Drogan the ratpiercer. Err.. I mean foxfang! Or wait.. the wolfstrangler (?) Oh! I remember! Last time it was a bear wasn’t it? Yes that was it! Drogan the bester of bears! But let’s go back to when he was still known as Drogan the rabbitslayer.
Being from a small village, on a small island, in a large archipelago divided between kingdoms, way up North, Drogan was raised in cold harsh climate, where inhabitants are those who call themselves Frostborn.
His father would more than often leave on long trading trips to other kingdoms, over the ice, which would melt four full moons a year, leaving Drogan at home with the words: " Take care of your mother, son".
His mother, being an excellent cook in Drogan’s eyes, no one could possibly best her, would send her son out into the nearby woods to fetch dinner. It was in those woods that Drogan began to embrace the hunt as his favourite pass time, always searching for that tougher kill and before long Drogan started a collection of bones and teeth from defeated creatures, crafted onto a string and hung around his neck.
By the time he was infamously known as Drogan Foxfang, Drogan decided to leave home and venture the world for ever greater beasts to slay. Packing his backpack, stitched together from animal skins, his mother made sure for him to pack the idols of his gods and a promise upon Kord and Vatun was made to ever make his family proud.
Crossing the ice as his father did, Drogan left his village, which was growing smaller by the minute, behind.

We find Drogan years later in a local tavern, with a black eye on his left and a wide cut down his cheek, still oozing with blood, while laying his arm around the shoulder of a man looking much the same, laughing loud and pouring ale down his throat as if he hadn’t drunk in days. This had become an added favourite pass time of Drogan; random bar fights, joyful nights, stuffing his face with food and chugging down ale.
These days Drogan continues his journey finding creatures to best and brag about, while many adventures await.


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