The Last Age of Heroes

A Moment's Rest, But No More

With Mytharis pushing the part at an uncomfortable speed, the party arrived at Carpenden in the evening two days later. Soldiers stood in formation around the town of hills, their blue and white heraldry visible even in the darkness.

The party found their way into the city, with Broken Tooth quickly slinking off towards what nature could be found in a city, and the rest headed into a nearby inn. The Huntsmen and the Heart was not at all prepared for the three party members. The innkeeper, assistant, and stable boy could barely keep up with the needs of the party, but everything smoothed out eventually and without much trouble.

Come morning, the party separated, searching for clues, gear, and conversation with those more to their liking. Drogan managed to speak to a watch captain and discovered that the monster was indeed in the city. Murdoc Sticknee found a drunkard who had actually been present at the attack, and Mytharis picked up a trail of ash, leading down into a well and beneath the town.

The party regathered at the inn and shared their new information with one another. They were about to check out the well but as they headed outside, they were stopped by a soldier. A military parade was passing through the area and the party was forced to stop and watch. They noticed in particular an exquisitely dress man guarded by a fair amount of armed cavalry.

The sense of protection the group might have gained from such a display of force was robbed of all effect, as a familiar haunting howl wailed as night fell.



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